A Day in Your Shoes: When Growth Goes Bad.

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A Day in Your Shoes: When Growth Goes Bad.

Hey everyone. Welcome back to another “Day in Your Shoes.” This past month has been a for Greener Grass Marketing. Business is booming. In response to this amazing week, I am going to talk about when a business goes through a growth spurt. Most small businesses are so used to working in an environment where they are struggling to survive that very few are ready for the big boost when something goes right and business starts pouring in. Though a mass influx of business would logically seem to be a blessing, it can quickly become the exact opposite. Usually, just a few minutes of planning can get you ready to reap the reward.

First, when starting any effort that could lead to new business (i.e. marketing campaigns, trade shows, potential partnerships, etc…), I try to answer one question: what is the most optimistic number of responses that I could get from this effort. Once I have that number, I begin to ask myself if my business would be able to handle getting that kind of response. There are a few caveats here: can your business do this without costing you future relationships with clients, partners, and employees? For the most part, you will realize your company is not in a place to handle any crazy influx and you would have to hire new employees or buy new equipment. As we know, a business can’t do this for a growth that is only potential. This is where things get tricky. So now we have to find ways to scale rapidly if needed or control the flux of business so it’s not lost.

If it’s employees you may need, contact local temp businesses and find if the people they have access to have the skills you need.

If it’s new equipment, find place to rent it.

If it’s space, then find a place large enough for the right price.

Getting all of this thought through ahead of time will allow you to respond quickly with a solid understanding of how your business can grow if it needs too. Many businesses that find themselves in this predicament have only one way to grow… Work Harder Longer Hours. This strategy can only accomplish so much before you hit a wall, and by that time it may be too late. Take the extra time and protect your company’s image.

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