Apple a Week: Easy Workouts for the Office

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Apple a Week: Easy Workouts for the Office

I know it can be difficult to get in all the physical activity that you’d like to get in and all the “experts” recommend. What with all the errands that need to be run, the work that needs to be done, the family time, and the general hustle and bustle that is your life, it’s hard to squeeze in important, but oft overlooked, priorities like working out. To help remedy that, here are some ideas for workouts you can easily do in your office, every day.

Taking the stairs: I know it’s cliché but just a couple of floors of stairs a few times a day (if you work in a multistory building, think on how often you use the elevator ) can make a big difference for your health. This works your glutes and legs as well as providing some cardio.

Push-ups: Do these every hour or every time you come back from the bathroom, just knock out a quick set of 10. These will work out your arms, chest and back.

Squats: You can probably do a set of 15 of these in a couple of minutes without working up a sweat. This exercise will help your legs, glutes and your posture.

Grip Squeezes: Use a training ball, ring or spring squeezer to knock out a few sets of 15 throughout the day. They are a great way to keep your wrist and forearm strong.

Tricep Dips: Use the edge of your desk or something suitably stable to build arm strength.

Leg Lifts: Lie on your side and lift your leg sideways, holding it at the top for a second. Drop it slowly and hold it for a second hovering above the other leg without touching it, and repeat. Do a set of 15 on each leg. This will strengthen your hip abductors and improve your balance.

Calve raises: Find a step that you can stand on your with your toes, allowing you to dip down so that your calves are stretched, then lift up with your toes to raise yourself. Repeat 15-20 times a couple of times a day to shape your calves and improve your leg strength.

Do these and you’ll find that you’ll be in better health and have more energy to tackle whatever your business is going to throw at you.

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