Finding Customers Who Want Your Product

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Finding Customers Who Want Your Product

You have an awesome product. Let’s call this product the Gizmitizer. The Gizmitizer is the end-all-be-all of awesomeness. You’ve spent years developing it. It’s finally perfect. Now, you’ve developed a business around your Gizmitizer and you want to start selling your genius for a profit.

How the hell do you know who to sell to?

There are two ways to go about finding an audience: figure out who is most likely already interested in what you have to offer, or pick an audience you want to target and make your product something they need to have. It’s up to you which method works best for your company and your product, but doing one or the other is essential to figuring out who you should be targeting in your marketing.

Finding who is already interested in your product:
This is probably the method most people (who already have a product) choose. Once they’ve created what they want to sell, they go out and seek the people they already feel they have the best shot at selling to. This can be an extremely valuable exercise: it gets you thinking about your audience (you’d be surprised how many business owners DON’T do this) and it gets you thinking about your offer in respect to that audience.

But there can be a few problems with this method. One, most products have several different potential audiences who may be interested in the product. Identify as many as you can and try to figure out who is the most profitable or promising audience to squeeze into, and this has to consider your market as well as your audience. Maybe one audience technically has more money to spend than another but the market is so saturated with competitors you have a slim chance of getting noticed. Remember these little details–they can really save your butt when you get into the nitty gritty things.

Fitting your product to who you want to target:
Another way to go about finding people who want your product is to make your product something people will like! Some people already know who they want to sell to before even completing the product. Maybe they have a group they already like to sell to. Maybe they want to help people in similar situations to themselves. Maybe they want to target an affluent market to make more money.

Regardless of what the market is, the first step is creating an in-depth audience profile of that market. This audience profile will outline everything from the general wants and desires to their biggest fears and complaints. It will show you what they want out of life (not just what they want out of products like yours, such as in the previous example). By knowing what your target’s life motivations are, you can see a broad range of potential problems you can help fix. Find one your product meshes well with, or tweak your product just enough to make sure if addresses that issue adequately (this includes rebutting objections and highlighting benefits). That way, you know who your audience is and you have a product tailored specifically to them!

The big problem here is trying to force your product into a space it doesn’t belong, or a space that ultimately will be unprofitable for your business. Sometimes the market we want to target is exceptionally unprofitable or difficult to get into. Take heed when you’re targeting a small audience or one with a lot of loops to leap through.

Do you know who you’re going to target? How did you get there? Let us know in the comments!

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