Most marketing companies have cookie cutter solutions they try to tack on to each and every client they have. They’re “SEO” guys, or “email marketing” guys. The big problem? What they do only works under certain circumstances in specific industries.

We don’t do that. We don’t believe in cookie cutter packages or half-assed campaigns based on so-called “proven” solutions. Marketing should be disruptive. It should integrate into each and every aspect of your company and unique business strategy.

Let’s say that again:
NO “one size fits all” packages.
NO template campaigns based on totally different industries than the one you’re in.
NO “SEO guys” or “Social Media Gurus” who have no idea how to integrate their skills into your company.

Greener Grass Marketing doesn’t simply “market.” We build. We carefully select each and every company we work with to make sure they fit with our long term business goals. We take each company we work with and look at it as a complete individual and give it the attention an individual deserves.

We don’t assume we know what’s best for you until we’ve talked to you, until we’ve gotten to know who your audience really is and, most importantly, where we can find them. We custom build your entire system from scratch.

Other companies try to convince you to use all of their services, because all other marketing companies care about is one thing: making more money. The more they can convince you to buy services you don’t need, the more coin they get in their pockets. We’re not in this to make a quick buck upfront. We’re in this to help your company have a long, prosperous future by making sure you have the exact services you actually need that will best suit your company for years and years to come.

Now, let’s take a look at what that actually means for you.

There are several areas our diverse staff has expertise in. Each of these areas will be carefully considered when building your custom marketing system:

Social Media Presence Creation & Management

Most businesses have hidden customer bases online, and by not tapping into them you could be missing out on thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars.

Direct-Mail Campaign Creation and Management

Mail is not dead. Precisely target customers and reach out to people who aren’t available online and stand out from the crowd by taking a more personal approach.

Website Optimization (SEO)

Untapped markets rarely find your company by searching for your name. Competition can steal these clients by optimizing for what they’re actually searching for.

Internet Ad Campaigns

Massively scalable campaigns use a giant, money making machine to bring your company to the top of search lists. Once it’s up, watch the leads come rolling in.

Content Creation

There’s a reason companies like Proactive get world-recognition when Clearasil can’t manage to make it off of drug-store bottom shelves: powerful copywriting.

Direct Sales

Not all products can be sold by marketing alone. By integrating the delicate process between marketing and sales, optimize your whole system from start to close.

Audience Profiling

Misunderstanding your audience is business suicide. When you understand who your audience is, it can absolutely revolutionize the way your business functions.

Full Integration

Last and not least, manage your entire marketing effort in one place, with one team, to make sure everything flows seamlessly together.