So I have More Friends on Facebook. Now what?

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So I have More Friends on Facebook. Now what?

You finally got around to setting up your Facebook profile and have been furiously adding anyone who gives you the chance. You’ve accumulated hundreds of friends, and some you’re not even sure where they came from. That’s great, but if you’ve only been adding people you’re missing half of the work. The other part you need to do is engage those people to whom you’ve become connected. You need to build a real connection with those people. A relationship.

How, you ask? Well, always be sure to respond to any comments they might make about your posts. When you do this, be sure to use warm, personable language rather than cold, emotionless corporate-speak. Interject a little humor or personal anecdote. Being real is the key to forging powerful relationships (on and off the web). In addition to responding to comments made on your page, be sure to read what they are posting on their pages. This affords you two great opportunities. One–you can see what matters and what is of interest to your potential customers. This information is very valuable and should be put to use. Two–when you see their posts, you can comment on them and draw them into an interaction. This back and forth engages your Facebook friends and draws them into your sphere of influence.

Use your Facebook profile and the friends associated with it to reach audiences that are not in your sphere of influence. You have to make active systems for drawing people from your social media channels to the website you control. Remember that Facebook, Twitter and the ilk can fail, change their access policies, or expel you from access unexpectedly. If you have not taken the steps to project your influence beyond social media then you will have lost access to hundreds of potential clients and their referrals.

Draw your audience to your properties (website, physical location, etc) so they become accustomed to coming to you for their relevant needs. A great analogy of this can be found in McDonald’s. A large part of their success is they nearly always control the real estate stores are located on. People become accustomed to the location of their neighborhood McDonald’s and come to rely on their reliable location. McDonald’s does not subject itself to the vagrancies of landlords or rising lease rates, it brings customers to its sphere of influence and dominates it.

Create your sphere of influence, draw people to it through social media such as Facebook, and dominate.

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