The Benefits to Personality Profiling

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The Benefits to Personality Profiling

We’ve already gone through how vital it is to have an accurate audience profile, and I’ve touched on the topic once or twice (and will continue to address it as we move forward) in my weekly blog series, Write Brained. By now, hopefully you at least have an idea of audience profiling and how important it is to your business to keep an accurate one on hand.

One really valuable way to understand your audience is to understand what kind of personality profile fits the kind of person you aim to target. This might seem somewhat baseless. How can I possibly know that everyone in my audience group will have the same or a similar personality? But that’s the beautiful thing about personality types: birds of a feather flock together!

Think about it. Think about any kind of economic or social group. Most lawyers are kind of domineering, right? They take command. They talk a lot. What about teachers? Pretty much the opposite. Most of them are kind and patient and more attentive to others. Realistically speaking, certain people do better in certain roles, and a lot of that has to do with personality.

This plays really well into copywriting. Here at Greener Grass, one thing we do for every audience we are targeting is determine which personality type we are trying to reach. We look at the audience we are given and determine what kind of person is most likely* going to end up in that position. From there, attach that group to a personality profile system that works for you (we use the DISC system–and I would recommend the DISC system to anyone and everyone–but there are others out there you can use). Knowing the personality profile of your audience will better prepare you to both write to that audience and speak with them in person.

How do you place the audience into a personality type? I’m sure you’re sick of hearing this by now, but you need to do lots and lots of research. Understand how the personality profiling system works. Understand it so well you can actually place the people in your life into their respective categories naturally. Get to the point where you know each element so well you can easily organize people–even the hypothetical people of your audience profile–into the right place.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, but don’t worry. We’ll be covering personality profiling in much more detail as we move along. In fact, next month we will be discussing our personal favorite, the DISC system, so be sure to check back in!

*Of course, you have to remember there are exceptions to every rule. The system can’t be perfect, but by targeting the majority and writing excellent copy that suits their needs, you are more likely to see results than generic copy designed to fit everyone.

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